Thought #1

My pale purple patch— Buy me some red roses love Blend with my blue heart Painting lesson 101 : Red + Blue = Purple


Power Of Mind

Your mind— The only source Can you control Through better and worse. Meditate on it Reprogram to elevate it Work for it day and night. Train it for the best, Prepare to soak good And let go of the rest. Push it even further Beyond comfort zone Beyond your horizon And just wait— Wait for …

Quizzical Existence

Thirteenth zodiac assigned For some reason unknown, They had me celebrated Over a bottle of wine. Determined to dissolve though; Esoteric patterns of life, Little did I know— I was born but High on helium And they stamped my forehead— A virtual mankind. Inspired by: Fowc-with-fandango-quizzical Your-daily-word-prompt-esoteric Three-things-challenge-wine, stamp, helium Weekend-writing-prompt-zodiac (words:43) Rdp-saturday-patterns Wordofthedaychallenge-virtual