An Eulogy


recall him

A skinny scrawny kid

One fine dusk

Was he asked

What does he dream to be

Stood in silence he

Never did he speak

Or stutter

But sang sweet

As the wind flutter

I recall him

A husky middle aged man

Over decades span

Excelling ascesis he

Grew in his attire stern, still

Peculiar beauty he hold


Every passer-by soul

Now I see in him

Emptiness instill

In his aesthetic charm

Infinite chasm built

His shamrock shade

Fade in blue







Like a


Like a mate…

Written a long time back for the Cherry tree which I observed as a kid – germinate, prosper and perish with time. It holds uncountable childhood memories from my past.

Thanks to Literary remains for inspiring me with the design. And of course, the courage to post this.

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