‘Tis Our Calling

Ever and ever

We build our base

For hopes of tomorrow

To blend in flavors

For tiny ingredients

Marinate in mellow

For the some day

When we shall savour


With no denials but

Devours gourmand

Our only—

The seeds of hope

Guised as chef

O government

Amidst cloudy

Kitchen smoke


Forever gone

Is our base

Cherries on top

Falling on and on

If not us then who

If not now then when

Wake up!

’tis our calling

Inspired by :

  • Fowc-with-fandango-base
  • Rdp-saturday-gourmand
  • Your-daily-word-prompt-guise
  • Wordofthedaychallenge-cloudy
  • Weekend-writing-prompt-denial

(Word count : 77)

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