Let’s Breathe

Born and unborn

Neath blue sky

I wonder why we

Chosen frown


Yclept keeper

Of our choice but

Seldom do we

Serene seek


Shoelaced why are

Courage ours

A yawn of dawn and

Day wakes up


Why shall we but

Succumb yearning?

What are we just—

A walking dead?


Let’s breathe!

Let’s feel!

Let us feel the breeze!

Ere long the icicle melts!

Inspired by:

  • Rdptuesdaycourage
  • Three-things-challenge-frown, shoelace, icicle
  • Your-daily-word-prompt-serene
  • Fowc-with-fandango-chosen
  • Word-of-the-day-challenge-keeper

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