Days Like This

Days like this

You wake up to see the sun grow weary and thin

As if it has been struggling to shine for years

And your love; it no longer weigh upon your dream

The dream seems hollow and fragile, like the sun—setting.

And the gust of greed; the cold winter left, comes to cease

Unsolved mysteries and we become an equation that holds true

On a day like this

A dog walks a man down the main street

A crow sings a song the best he could

A machinery soul no longer haunts the road and us

We are too crazy,

We are too lazy to write a poem

While artists; they lack ideas

And ideas are lacking wings and legs

Hours wasted,

Days are wasted,

A month will be wasted

And with wasted years,

On a day like this

Remember us

Remember me; the reality..

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