Quizzical Existence

Thirteenth zodiac assigned For some reason unknown, They had me celebrated Over a bottle of wine. Determined to dissolve though; Esoteric patterns of life, Little did I know— I was born but High on helium And they stamped my forehead— A virtual mankind. Inspired by: Fowc-with-fandango-quizzical Your-daily-word-prompt-esoteric Three-things-challenge-wine, stamp, helium Weekend-writing-prompt-zodiac (words:43) Rdp-saturday-patterns Wordofthedaychallenge-virtual

Let’s Breathe

Born and unborn Neath blue sky I wonder why we Chosen frown .. Yclept keeper Of our choice but Seldom do we Serene seek .. Shoelaced why are Courage ours A yawn of dawn and Day wakes up .. Why shall we but Succumb yearning? What are we just— A walking dead? .. Let's breathe! …

Seasonal She

To and fro She sheds her skin From verdant green to Lipstick red From tangerine to Stony white Like ever changing Butterfly Rambunctious— How she soar Meanwhile crescent Me piano Inspired by: Rdp-monday-verdant Three-things-challenge-lipstick, piano, butterfly Your-daily-word-prompt-rambunctious Fowc-with-fandango-meanwhile