Offer me your Love no more For I have known What it's like To fall in love and Never rise Offer me not Beauty yours For I have known What it's like To see the roses Blooming dry Offer me naught! Offer me naught I adore Lo! I adore Serendipity Ere long blazoned Sword shall …


A Tanka On Songs

Of her ups and downs Doth toilsome research guerdon Guileless contumely Or doting traitor she smile Whilst my guitar weeps for her Prompts included :

Apology | Thought #06

As my shadow began to soar On crescendo of silence When my deed wronged delicacy Yet you preened on your fragments —now— I surrender my futile skin To our love tho' picking scabs Shall she butterfly flaw her wings And trace her path unto my lap Prompt included : Rdp-thursday – preen

Tart Margarita | A Tanka For Prompts

Of pinned effigy Once witched by beloved agave— Tart Margarita! Tear down sweet orbit of trust, Shred me; pillow your dislike Prompts included : Three-things-challenge – witch, pillow, margarita Fowc-with-fandango – orbit Your-daily-word-prompt – trust Word of the day challenge – dislike