Puff Puff Pass

Come on! Be a sport And play the game Puff puff pass Puff puff pass Around Again Curiosity stood first Escaped mundane Deluded delirious Cannot disdain Now endure agony Or agonize ecstasy Insanity The name of the game Via: FOWC-with-fandango-delirious

Art of living | A Poem

Now I live for today And I live for now Wondering without Why or how Things were Or things will be Nobody I live for Except me Beautiful I am With freckling cheeks Winsome is my smile With crow's feet Golden my bones Though wrapped up in bronze skin Though my mind An eternal void …


Gather strength Gain some focus Plain yet profound You, your breath And your half lotus Trace the path In and out, Breathe... And inside out You universe split Master it Bit by bit And there's more Feelings unknown; Superficial And a hidden ore Atoms, impulse and waves, Pain; simple and vague When silence screams like …

The New Beginning

"When your happiness starts to dwindle, And all you could feel is cold and dispatched. When the mighty spark never seems to kindle, Rise from the ashes and start from the scratch.."