Until When?

~~~ Skimped sapless love— Distinguished whipped disposition escaped— Until when ~~~ Inspired by: Fowc-with-fandango-skimp Thehauntedwordsmith-prompt-may-9-sapless Rdp-thursday-distinguished Your-daily-word-prompt-disposition Wordofthedaychallenge-escape


Hidden inside her little box she Manifests serenity Be it a torrential rain Or a torrid sun Or a teachable twenty-one Amidst everything She chooses to be A sentient corpse With a jet of emotion Inspired by : Word of the day challenge (teachable) Fandango (corpse) Rag tag community (jet)

Puff Puff Pass

Come on! Be a sport And play the game Puff puff pass Puff puff pass Around Again Curiosity stood first Escaped mundane Deluded delirious Cannot disdain Now endure agony Or agonize ecstasy Insanity The name of the game Via: FOWC-with-fandango-delirious