Apology | Thought #06

As my shadow began to soar On crescendo of silence When my deed wronged delicacy Yet you preened on your fragments —now— I surrender my futile skin To our love tho' picking scabs Shall she butterfly flaw her wings And trace her path unto my lap Prompt included : Rdp-thursday – preen

Left Her Behind

Pity! All those telegrams Star sent the lake all her may To reflect upon at night— Remained unread Once lucid lake dwindled Whence a battle she declared Meandering she but rained the lake In delight both soul twined As a vapour he recur Yet left her behind Inspired by : *Rdp-saturday - may *Fowc-with-fandango - …

Had If | A Tanka

Had if thrice been twice Brooding over resigned fate Prejudiced childhood— Longing dolor should she be The being personage egged Inspired by : Word of the day challenge - Longing and Ragtag daily prompt - Egg


Hidden inside her little box she Manifests serenity Be it a torrential rain Or a torrid sun Or a teachable twenty-one Amidst everything She chooses to be A sentient corpse With a jet of emotion Inspired by : Word of the day challenge (teachable) Fandango (corpse) Rag tag community (jet)